Tracker Gps tk102 Update

Personal firmware for Tracker Gps tk102 Xexun

In this web site under construction you will find information about the tracker gps tk102 (Xexun) the most famous localizator device. It is the most sold tracker gps-gsm in ebay.It is cheap and it has good performances. Its basic firmware covers the generic requirements coming from the majority of the users.For two years I have been developing, for passion, a new firmware modifying and adding new functionalities. Between my targets was to save money, indeed in the original firmware you use sms to config some functionalities, let's think to move command, you must use 4 sms to activate and after to deactivate the alarm. You can avoid it by means of another mobile phone: to set the "move alarm" you call the tracker by the secondary mobile phone and you will receive a feedback ring from the tracker on the primary mobile phone; if you want to disactivate the "move alarm" it is enough to make a call toward the tracker by the secondary mobile phone but in this case you wont receive a feedback ring. Making a call by the primary mobile phone you'll receive the following string "http://maps?q=45.082345,007.624567 NS:07,DOP:1.2,ORE:07:54:15, bat:2184, LAC:273A,CELL ID:08AB",unlike original firmware by means the url you address directly the google maps page and you'll visualize the tracker position on the screen if own a modern smartphone; you will not annoy putting coordinates by hand.Then we have NS=numbers of satellite, DOP=diluition of precision, the gps time, battery level, LAC=location area code, CELL ID=cell number; these last parameters are very useful in the case the tracker is covered and it can't receive signals from satellite. By means of these codes you can find a coarse position of your tracker exploting the cells mobile technology.

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